CCT-Web Apps Class

1. I have decided that I would like to take this class because I enjoy scripting and creating websites. Another reason that I decided to take this class is because I was REQUIRED to take two classes so I took journalism and this class. I chose this as my second class because this class looked the least boring and the most interesting to me since I enjoy creating websites since you can make them exclusive to you.

2. When this class is completed, I hope to have mastered the skills required to create websites. If I do, I can even make websites for my grandpa’s business. I think that I want to be able to perfectly script a website from memory, instead of having to look up different commands and command lines. I am always very impressed when I see people perfectly retype a code from memory because I think that that takes a lot of skill and abilities.

3. The one project that I am particularly excited to work on is the final project where I will get to create a website for myself. I think that that is going to be very cool to be able to send someone a link to my website and have them look at it. It is just very impressive to me. I also would like to learn how to create constant moving objects across or down the screen in the background when someone is looking at the website. I think that this is going to be a fun class for me.


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I enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.
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