Website Roles

Content Manager- A content manager’s main responsibilities are to create and manage the content for a website(s). They also have to proofread and edit projects that are turned into them. If you want to be able to be a content manager, you must be able to manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment, and 3-5 years experience managing content and production for high traffic websites. One thing that is required is a bare minimum Bachelor’s (BA) degree in English, Journalism, Technical Writing, or a related field. One really cool thing about content managers is that the median expected salary for a typical content manager in the United States is $79, 069. They also have to MAKE SURE that everything is 100% ready for the website that they are working on.  If everything is not 100% ready, they will be in a lot of trouble. Another problem that may arise is if they post something that isn’t ready, there could be a lot of spelling errors and/or grammatical errors which would be embarrassing for the content manager and whoever hired the content manager to take care of the website that they want to be posted. Content managers have a lot of responsibilities and work, but they always enjoy what they do otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this as a career.


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