Website Metaphor 9/8/11

1. A house is like a website because they both have to be structurally sound and able to withstand it’s own weight.

2. A blueprint of anything is a map and/or a plan so that architects can see what it is they will do.

3. An important part of planning a website blueprint is to appeal to the audience that will occupy it.

4. The relationship of usability of a web site map and a house blueprint is that it is a building plan, no matter what you are planning though, you need to take into account the needs of the people that will be using the website and/or house.

Part 2

The 3 job roles (Information Architect, Content Manager, Graphic Designer) are similiar to building a house and making a website because the content manager is just like the blueprinter they are both controlling what the general sketch of the house will look like through a plan. The information architect is like the person who is having the house made, they control what the end result will be down to the color of the carpet and/or hardwood. Last, but not least, is the graphic designer is like the interior designer that is responsible for furnishing the inside of the house and making it picture perfect and visibly appealing whether it is a house or a website.


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