Writing Prompt

Prompts: Addess these 3 prompts using 3 paragraphs

If you were a congress man or women, compose a law that would be reasonable concerning texting and driving.

Contrast and compare drinking and driving with texting and driving.

Design a plan that would reduce the use of texting while driving.


1. In the article, “word to youth: Texting, Driving don’t mix,” it is talking about the dangers of texting while driving. It uses different stories of people who died due to texting. It also frequently mentions how they are trying to make it harder and harder for people to get away with texting and driving. Unfortunately, only a handful of states have passed a law so far that makes it illegal. If I was a congress woman, the law that I would compose about texting and driving would be as follows: “It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle in a public area while impaired due to the effect of texting.”

2. Drinking or texting while driving are not very different. Drinking impairs the senses so that you are unable to make rational decisions. Texting does almost the same thing, impairing senses with distractions as opposed to a chemical impairment. About 6,000 people die while texting and driving each year, and about a half a million injuries occur each year. Each year, about 16,000 people are killed due to alcohol related accidents and every other minute someone is serious injured. Clearly, texting is not as fatal as drinking while driving but they are still not something to joke about.

3. Many people suffer due to texting and driving each day. I think that there needs to be more than just an idea to reduce the amount of texting and driving that occurs. We need a plan, but how can we make sure that everybody follows said plan? We have to provide some sort of incentive. If insurance companies created a new policy that involved cheaper rates for every year that you don’t get pulled over for texting and driving, then so many more people would leave their phone alone in order to save money.


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