SWE1 – Final GameMaker idea

I would like for my game to be a platform game. I am not sure if I would like scrolling, but if i do, it would be side-scrolling. The objective is to get through 9 rooms, in the tenth room, there will be a rather large dragon that you have to dodge whilst collecting coins. The characters will be: croc(you), large dragon (boss), small ghosts (dragon’s minions that will be in each room to try to kill you). I will also try to throw an npc or 2 in that sacrifices himself in order to help you to get through the level. There will also be small weapons to pick up, such as swords, shields, and a foam finger. It will all be controlled using the arrow keys, the space bar, and the number 1-3 keys.


About cctethanwinger

I enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.
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