Novel blog: Second Reflections


So far in my novel, Hungry Joe has completed his required number of flights. He was waiting for orders to arrive in order to send him home. After a waiting period in which he expected his orders, they never arrive and he starts to worry. He has finished six tours already, and now the Colonel raises his required quota for missions instead of sending him home as promised.

This section really upset me because it seems like the Colonel made an agreement with Joe and keeps backing out of the agreement whenever Joe gets close to his quota. I don’t think that you can trust somebody who breaks their commitments like this, and it surprises me that Joe is so trusting towards a man that has done this so many times. Another thing that really bothers me about this is that Joe has to follow these orders, or he will be faced with a court-martial, which could even result in jail time. So, for Joe, quitting isn’t really an option.


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