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Recently, in my novel, Yossarian, along with most of the ward, checked out of the hospital to get away from the Texan. The Texan is a racist who killed a black officer in his sleep. He was so annoying, that they all left to get away from him. The problem was that, when they got out, they still had to fight a war. Yossarian tries to convince Clevinger that somebody is trying to kill him because he is constantly shot at, poisoned, and attacked. Clevinger points out that he is in the middle of a war and that it is only reasonable for him to be shot at and that the entire camp’s food was poisoned. Yossarian acted like he was dumb and pretended not to understand which just infuriated Clevinger, who forced him out to do more missions.

This part of the book was very interesting. I found it strange that a man in the U.S. Army would kill a fellow soldier just because of the color of his skin. When I think about it, it makes more and more sense. They are in World War II. There was a lot of racism and many of the black soldiers were sent out on missions that were considered suicidal because the white officers didn’t want them to return alive.


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