Word of the Day-soliloquy



1.¬†an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, such as in a play

The soliloquy at the end of A Midsummer Night’s Dream explained the remainder of what happened in the days following the happenings depicted within the play.

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Word of the Day-prosaic



1. having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty

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Word of the Day-dispensation



1. exclusion from a rule or a usual requirement

When everybody in my group was in trouble for being tardy, I was wrong to think that I would receive special dispensation to skip detention.

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Word of the Day-fortuitous



1. happening by accident or chance rather than by design

1. having or showing good luck

Nobody knows whether or not the championship winning kick was taken on purpose, as the player fell on the ground in pain as the ball bounced off of his forehead and into the goal.

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Word of the Day-Conundrum



1. a confusing or difficult problem or question

Deciding how to perfectly divide the bag of cookies for his fellow Newspaper staffers was a much larger conundrum than the student expected, so he just ate them himself.

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Denver Post Blog 10/9/13

Vets Worry About Pay


After the government shutdown, more than 90,000 Colorado veterans worry about receiving their money, since Congress hasn’t approved the budget. This article is very informative and uses lots of numbers for both population and money, and I like numbers because they are generally so specific, so i’ll start using them in my Skills USA article.




Jersey take jab at GOP


After Colorado representatives opposed a relief bill for Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey representatives are going out of their way to oppose Colorado seeking help for flood-ravaged areas, since the cash would come from that same relief bill. This article is very direct and to the point, with little to no fluff, which I really like for a news article, so i’ll try to avoid unnecessary words in my article about the extra budget options at TJ.




I-70 Reduced To Two Lanes Between Tower And Colfax


Due to some construction work on I-70, the freeway will be partially closed down so that only one lane is open in each direction. This article, much like the one above, is very succinct and easy to read, but it’s also still very informative. The headline is also quite lengthy, but it ensures that people who click on it are reading about exactly what they want to read about.

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Word of the Day-Ubiquitous



1. present, appearing, or found everywhere

Cell phones have become completely ubiquitous in our society, even the 4-year-olds seem to be walking around with iPhones.

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